September 30 2006

Survivor Cook Islands Episode 3

Survivor Cook Islands just hit the snooze button for me. Not only did the “segregated” tribe trick come to an end way too soon, we’re already to doing full on repeats of previous challanges? Me thinks 13 Survivors may have finally been too much.

So the tribes show up to see Probst, expecting a challange. NOPE! Tribe swap! *snore* Only 2 episodes in and we swap them…sad, so sad. The new Raro is Nate, Rebecca, Stephannie, Brad, Jenny, J.P., Cristina, Adam and Parvati. The new Aitu tribe consists of Yul, Becky, Cao Boi, Sundra, Jonathan, Candice, Flica, Ozzy and Cecilia.

Folks, this episode bored me senseless. I can’t even stand to write about it! Immunity?

The tribes will be clipped together by a rope carrying 15 pound sand bags each. They will start on opposite sides of the course, racing through knee-deep water to catch the other tribe. If a tribe member drops out they must give their 15 pounds to someone from their tribe, doubling that person’s weight. The first tribe to tackle a member from the other tribe to the ground wins Immunity.

Oh gee, we did this EXACT same challange back in Palau! This one went a lot faster due to girls dropping out fast (as opposed to Stephanie in Palua who never gave up). Raro won, sent Candice to Exile Island. Aitu sent Cecilia home and my boredom level shot through the roof!

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