Spotted this on Engadget today, and they found it on BoingBoing Seems this was spotted driving around the Harajuku district of Tokyo this past Sunday. For those unfamiliar with Harajuku, especially on Sundays, it is the “hip” area of Tokyo where, supposedly, all street fashion begins. Yes, this is the place Gwen Steffani was singing… read more

According to the annual Morgan Quitno Press list of the most dangerous cities in America, St. Louis came in number 1. Go us! According to the same study, crime in the midwest is up 5.7% overall in my region. I can gaurentee you most of it is meth-related.… read more

Last week’s episode of South Park was named “Hell on Earth 2006” and featured Satan having a Super Sweet 16 Halloween party. (Their running portrayal of Satan as either gay and/or a teenage girl at heart is always good for laugh). During the episode though, the following scene took place at Satan’s party, mind you… read more


October 28 2006

Dear Satan…

Dear Satan, As I see your dark influence spreading across the Earth, I felt it was time I threw my hat in to your ring to hedge my bets. You know, in case your plan actually works. Your Dark Disciple, Rachael Ray…as I know you have so many, most of them in politics, has again… read more

I had heard of this ages ago, but I was hopeful the International Olympic Committee would tell NBC to blow it out their collective ass. See, the 2008 Summer Olympics will be in Beijing, China, this means that the only events to air live on prime-time USA television will be events from the next morning.… read more

The other day I wrote about how Microsoft would only give you the rights to install Vista only once past it’s additional install. In the sense of fairness, I will point out that they have now said you can transfer the license up to 10 times, the same as XP. It’s better, but still isn’t… read more

It seems that Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights from which the movie and TV show is based, is unhappy with the television show’s ratings. Instead of possibly blaming the quality of the show, the subject matter, the actors, the bad time slot, instead he blames people who watch Dancing With The Stars. “It’s… read more

I didn’t get to head to The Blue Note as early as I wanted, which resulted in my first Taco Bell meal in 3 years…I remember why I quit eating it, but I still got excellent seats. My friend and I got the furthest forward balcony seats on the side, so were maybe 15 feet… read more

Hard to believe that 5 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod to the world. I didn’t jump in until July of 2005, but somehow I’ve already managed to rack up 2 of them. (a blue iPod Mini and a white 60gb Video) Rumors are circulating we are only months away from the… read more


October 23 2006

Tonight’s concert

I know you’re all shocked when I actually go out and do stuff, but here I go again! Three weeks ago it was the Combichrist/KMFDM show at The Blue Note in Columbia,MO, this time it’s a quadruple bill! Originally it was three bands, but now they’ve added an up-and-coming sketch comedy troupe. First up will… read more

The Boy Scouts in the Los Angeles area have a new, exclusive “activity patch” they can add to their credentials; “Respect Copyrights”. It seems the MPAA has somehow teamed up with the greater Los Angeles area Boy Scouts to offer this new activity patch that will teach the Scouts about 5 different copyright laws, and… read more


October 21 2006

sweeeeeeeet There is:1person with my namein the U.S.A. How many have your name?… read more

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