October 4 2006

yeah yeah, more puppy pictures

They were in a posing mood today, so I couldn’t resist!

One good cop, one bad cop...
This looks like some sort of odd movie poster to a buddy cop film to me for some reason…

First album cover?
Their first album cover?

Patrick lounging
You can almost make out Patrick’s first “Cocker cut”

Winston's eyes!
Until we got them their cocker cuts, Winston had enermous bangs and you could never see his eyes for all the hair.

So, yep, they’re doing good. We won’t discuss what’s happening to them in a few weeks *cough*getting fixed*cough*

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    The faces! They are just gorgeous! They look so happy!

  • Well, I’ve heard of this breeder who does superb work… :-p

  • Thank you, thank you much!
    Winston just looks so intelligent and Patrick just looks like he does not have a care in the world~!

  • You pretty much nailed it. Patrick is VERY care free, and barrels through things. Winston will literally sit down and study things until he figures them out. He’s figured out door knobs! He can’t quite get a grip on them, but he stands up, puts a paw on each side and tries to twist the knob. He’s a scary little bugger!