October 7 2006

What to do about YOUR computer?

I’ve been talking about my rush to buy a new computer for a week or two now, but the question you should be asking is “Why”. One word…”Vista“. To be blunt, Microsoft is becoming even more of an evil empire by the moment. Luis over at BlogD, whom I am humbled by his wonderful, lengthy and well thought out posts, has written several enteries lately about why Vista is a questionable choice for your computer. True, he is a Mac user, and some bias shows, but he raises numerous good points. (post #1, post #2, post #3, post #4)

The short version is this, it’s a resource hog, it has not been thourghly beta tested and the secuirty measures are way out of control. (See Luis’ post #3) It appears they will be shipping it with manufactrued systems as early as November, because they are desperate for the holiday sales. Beat testers have asked for a third release and Microsoft has said no. So basically the first 12 months or so of Vista will be what I view as a mass beta testing by the general public and then they will come out with some amazing service pack that will fix the majority of the problems.

So, my suggestion to everyone, if you are within, say, 6 months of buying a computer, and you aren’t plannint to switch to Mac, buy your computer NOW while they are still shipping them with XP. Let everyone else deal with “testing” Vista and you can deal with it later down the road. There is no logical reason to run out and get Vista when it is offering so little in upgrades and is planning on taking up more of yoru available resources. Plan on doing it before November though if at all possible.

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