October 8 2006

Survivor Cook Islands Episode 4

Survivor Cook Islands started off in a new way this week with covering the losing tribe returning from Tribal Council BEFORE the opening credits. Threw me for a loop, but interesting. Ozzy was expressing his spoiled brat opinion about how disappointed he was that Cecilia got voted out. He felt it was unfair since they were living in his former camp and everyone was enjoying what the two of them had worked to build…whatever. It’s a game, you got outwitted, get over it.

When Candice returned from Exile Island, she got grilled by the new Aitu tribe as to why Raro picked her to be safe from the Tribal Council. There were heavy implications that her old tribemates were trying to save her. Well, my questions would be, how would she know? She didn’t talk with them!

Not eerything was rosy over at Raro though. As the women worked on fixing the floor of the hut, the men sat around doing nothing, and that was pretty much what they did all episode. The women were disgusted and the men were cocky about it. J.P. even expressed that he felt the men were all safe because the women needed them for their strength. Silly, silly men.

Reward Challange:

Each tribe will have two tribe members attached by belt to a rope, which snakes over, under and around a series of obstacles. The rest of the tribe will push and pull their two tribe members, attached to the rope, through the course. Once the entire tribe reaches the end of the rope, one person from each tribe will swim out to a barrel where they will retrieve a decoding wheel, bring it back to the tribe mat and use that decoder wheel to decipher one phrase. The tribe that solves the phrase first wins the Reward of three blankets, two pillows and one hammock. In addition, the winning tribe will send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island.

Aitu wins and sends Adam from Raro to Exile Island. After returning from the the challange, Ozzy goes fishing and brings in enough fish to be nicknamed “Poseidon” by Yul. Ozzy is pleased by this, feeling he has solidified his place in the tribe. Meanwhile, J.P. makes himself in to even more of an ass, even beginning to annoy Pavrati, who feels flirting will carry her through the game. Anyone seeing the writing on the wall?

Immunity Challange:

Four tribe members from each tribe will assemble a stretcher puzzle and race though the jungle with the stretcher to the beach. Once there, one tribe member will swim out to rescue another tribe member shackled to the top of a mast. Both members will swim back to the beach while holding onto a life ring, place the rescued tribe member on the stretcher and race back through the jungle to their starting mat. There, the remaining three tribe members must build a fire tall and strong enough to burn through a rope and raise the tribe’s flag. First tribe to raise their flag wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council.

Aitu won. After the challange, Stephanie said she was the weakest link and should be sent home, but Jenny and Rebecca decided it was time for J.P. to go and were able to swing Brad to their side for a surprise ousting of J.P.. Good riddance.

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