October 10 2006

Well, that sucked today

Went to the family doctor today for my annual flu shot. For those of you who don’t get them, do it, I haven’t had the flu once since I started getting them some years back.

Anyway, went to the doctor I have been going to for 28 years and when the door to the exam room opened…not my doctor, some other doctor. Seems my doc is finally retiring and he’s slowly training this new partner. So, sure, why not, I let him do the appointment. I have to say that was the single worst doctor’s visit I’ve ever had. No bedside manner, rude, short with my old doctor, just not a pleasant visit after all. Very much a know-it-all.

Now comes the time to choose a new doctor…UGH! I was just overall very disappointed though, I wasn’t even warned I might not see my normal doctor, which I don’t think is right, but maybe that’s just me.

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