October 11 2006

Amazing Race 10, Episode 4

The Amazing Race started with yet another new twist. Erwin & Godwin were the first to depart the Pit Stop and were instructed to take a taxi 20 miles to the Ly Thai To Garden in Hanoi. Now, here came the new twist, once there, they were to listen for their next clue. Oooooh interesting! So instead of having the clue written out for them, they had to listen and try to write down the Vietnamese names for themselves. A few of them thought to have their cabbies listen before they left, but even then there seemed to be some confusion.

So, the Cho brothers got a slow cabbie and ended up in sixth place, Rob & Kimberly screamed and got pissed at their cab driver (big surprise), but all the racers heard “Attention racers! Taxi across the Red River to Ben Xe Gia Lam. Then, take a bus to Ben Xe Bai Chay. Then, find the Hydrofoil Harbor.” So, everyone jumped in cabs and Rob & Kimberly ended up with ANOTHER “bad cabbie” (who knows who’s really at fault) and afte rhe drove around the block, they jumped out, paid him and got another cab driver to listen to the message. The funny part was no one could buy a ticket until 5:00 AM anyway, so all that running around was for nothing.

At 5:00 AM, everyone got on the bus and traveled 104 miles to Ben Xe Bai Chay and found the harbor. Once there, the teams found this legs Roadblock:

In this Roadblock, one team member had to use a mechanical ascender to climb 90 feet up the sheer face of a rock. Three racers could ascend the rock at any given time on a “first come, first serve” basis.

The teams raced for the boats and Dustin & Kandice again cut in line, cutting off Lyn & Karlyn. In a karmic joke though, Dustin cut her leg in the boat. Oopsie. The actual rock climbing was fairly uneventful except for Peter & Sarah’s not seeing eye-to-eye on her doing it, and his very relaxed attitude while she did do it.

As teams finished they had to travel 1.2 miles to Sung Sot Cave and wander the insides of the cave until the found their next clue. This clue led them to the Detour:

In Over, Teams ride a large boat known as a junk to a marked buoy, then row a smaller boat known as a sampan to a supply boat, load provisions, and row the sampan to a floating village and deliver the goods to the two addresses on the invoice. When finished, Teams must row back to the supply boat and present their signed invoice to the captain. In Under, Teams take a junk to the marked buoy, then row a sampan to a pearl farm, choose a line of buoys and harvest thirty oyster baskets by hauling them out of the sea and onto their boats. Finally, they had to deliver the baskets to a pearl farmer to receive their next clue.

Everyone took Under except for Lyn and Karlyn who took Over. One thing all the teams had in common, none of them knew how to row. I’ve always thought that was a fairly simple concept, but I guess not. The worst was Rob & Kimberly fighting, yet again, followed by Peter whining about how he just couldn’t take this any more…excuse me? Your girlfriend, who is missing a leg, just climbed a rock for you and you can’t collect some oyster baskets? What a loser! As the teams finished, they were instructed to return to their junks and travel 9 miles to Soi Sim Island. Rob & Kimberly came in first, winning jet skis, coming in last were Tom & Terry who could just never master the rowing and kept falling further and further behind. Too bad, I liked them.

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