October 12 2006


You have to love a TV show that can come up with it’s own curse word so they can use it without fear of FCC fines. For those of you unfamiliar with “frak”, it is the curse word of choice on the new Battlestar Galactica series. It can take on several different meanings, but it is almost always the equivalent of “f*ck”. Isn’t it amazing how silly language can be? Doesn’t this just go to show that words only have as much power as we choose to give them an this is all arbitrary? Sure, “frak” is a made up word, but it is clearly taking the place of that “naughty” word, so shouldn’t it be just as offensive? Changing 2 letters though makes it ok. Seems kinda silly to me.

Speaking of Battlestar Galactica though, why aren’t you watching this show? With the recent cancellation of Deadwood (DAMN YOU HBO!), Galactica has quickly become my favorite show. Yes, it was already number 2, but it’s now number 1. If you avoid it because of it’s sci-fi theme, that’s just silly because it is far more about the nature of humanity than it is about ships zooming through space. It raises all sorts of questions about our morality and what it is that makes someone “human”. Check it out. Season 1, Season 2, and Season 2.5 are out on DVD, Season 3 just started last week.

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  • Jo

    I say frak all the time … when I do, I can always tell who is a BS fan ;)

  • You know, I *almost* put a "No Roy, I haven't seen LOST yet!" line in this post, and then decided against it.

    There are aspects I think are heavy handed, but I am still fascinated by what will become of Baltar…why are the skin jobs starting to find regeneration painful?…do these Cylons have an "Imperious Leader" or not?…The humans get off New Caprica in the next episode, so we will be back to space.

  • Roy

    You gotta admit though that BSG S3 is getting a bit boring. I wish they would stop trying to be political with all the Iraq war references that are obvious and full of self importance and just get back to the ship where the show belongs. This is what happens to writers when they get some praise and suddenly feel that they should be “serious” and forget about the Entertainment factor.

    I’m finding the characters to be so self involved and irritating esp Starbuck. The scenes with Apollo being fat are out of character and cliche. I was embarrassed watching it. At least with Star Trek they knew how far they could go and always brought the show back to it’s equilibrium.

    LOST is a better show.. ;-)

  • Roy

    Heroes has a lot of potential too! There are only 4 episodes so far so you can catch up easily as compares to 50 LOST episodes.

  • You’ll be happy to hear I’ve been watching Heroes since episode 1:-p And now that the Heroes are finally encountering each other, it’s get a LOT more interesting.

  • Roy

    You know they copy a lot of that characters bumping into each other from LOST.

  • The first step to solving your problem Roy is admitting you have a problem…:-p