October 13 2006

What a surprise…Micro$oft gets even more consumer unfriendly!

This will not bother most people, but if you reconfigure your hardware, or have to re-install Vista for some reason, better only do it once! In yet another in a long line of consumer un-friendly moves, it seems you are allowed only 1 transfer of the license. Now, to the non-techs out there, that doesn’t sound so bad, but, it really is.

Windows recognizes a system via it’s hardware setup, and if you should happen to change your motherboard or video card, Windows thinks you need to update the license. Well, under the new Vista rules, you can do that only once and that’s it. Want to build a whole new machine and transfer your copy of Vista? Ok, but only once!

This truly won’t effect the vast majority of users, but it is just yet another sign that Vista has to be the most unfriendly OS ever. Between crippling the system if it is suspects illegal software, and now limiting how often you can use something you legally purchased is just not a wise business move. By treating all of your customers as thieves, to defeat just a handful of wrong-doers just causes animosity from those who have done nothing wrong. For the life of me, I can not even begin to fathom what they think they’re accomplishing.

Perhaps it is the right time to again suggest you buy an XP machine right now, or maybe a shiny new Mac?

(Just before I posted this I had to check….yep…Luis beat me to this story!)

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