October 14 2006

Survivor Cook Islands Episode 5

Survivor Cook Islands had so much promise. Had a great opening concept, which they ditched after two episodes, and left us with what has to be the most unexciting cast ever. In there need to come up with five people from four different ethnic backgrounds, you can tell they really scraped to come up with enough people.

The morning after the last Tribal Council, where J.P. got sent home, the women of Raro awoke to find the men busily working on things around camp. Gee, I think they got the message they had been too lazy. Over at Aitu though, it seems they have their own lazy people in the form of Candice, Becky and Sundra. Cao Boi comments that he hopes his tribe keeps winning, but if they don’t, then those three will have to go.

Reward Challange came up and it was…

Both the tribes will split into three pairs, each of whom will stand on a platform. Each person on the platform will use one arm to hold onto a hook. Every two minutes members from the opposing tribe will load one of those pairs with five-pound bags. The more weight added, the harder it will be to hold on to the hook. The last pair holding their hooks and weight for their tribe wins Reward: fishing supplies, spices and bottles of wine. In addition the winning tribe will choose one person from the losing tribe to send to Exile Island.

The tribes took very different strategies: Raro split the weight amongst all three pairs, while Aitu decided to load down only one pair, Nate and Adam. Aitu’s strategy made no sense to me, and I was correct since Raro won with two pairs still in the game. They sent Jonathan to Exile Island, where, after much searching, he came to the conclusion that the hidden Immunity Idol has been found.

Adam from Raro caught an Octopus…well…kinda caught an Octopus as it wrapped itself around his leg and he just stabbed it. His tribemates get it off of him and Cristina gets all bossy about cooking it. Yeah, it was boring and she will be soon to go I’m sure. Over at Aitu, they are running out of food, so Cao Boi, Ozzy and Jessica set off to explore other islands for food sources and wander in to Raro’s camp by accident. They are less than thrilled to see them, and when Cao Boi asks for some spices and coconuts from the other tribe and is told “Adios” with nothing. Seemed fine to me.

Immunity Challange time:

The tribes must assemble stepping poles which they will use to transport two tribe members from one platform above water to another platform a short length away. Once both tribe members are across, all eight tribe members will climb up and over the platform, swimming out to a smaller tower. The first tribe to climb the last tower and get all eight tribe members on or above the top deck wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council.

This was kind of fun to watch just for the absurdity of it, and looked like Raro was going to win…until they all fell off their platform. Airu wins again, sending Raro to Tribal Council again. This time it was Stephanie who went for, again, making a stupid remark about wanting to go home.

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