October 16 2006

The RIAA Strikes Again

Back in August I wrote how the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) was arguing with the consumer electronics industry over devices that allow “time shifting”, i.e. items that record from the radio for later playback. They said that this was same as “permanent ownership of copyrighted material without paying for it”. Yeah, whatever.

Well, sadly it was brought to my attention today that Creative is giving in and in their latest firmware upgrade, they have removed the ability to record FM radio from their already released devices. Basically the RIAA has demanded Creative to strip a feature out of a device that you paid for, against your will. For all they know you were recording the hog report (a regular feature on my radio stations…no…I’m not kidding), but the RIAA assumes that since you have the ability to do something illegal, you must be and they have to take that ability away from you.

May I just state for the record that the RIAA are nothing but bastards? They are so out of touch with reality that they don’t realize from a business perspective they are just making more pirates. Every move they make just makes them appear more money grubbing and the act of illegally downloading music almost seem noble. Now they take away the ability to listen to radio on your own schedule, something we do every single day with VCRs and DVRs on our TVs. For some reason the RIAA feels they know better than the entirety of the television and movie industries and that they have the right to mess with legally purchased electronic equipment because in this day and age, they can.

The funniest bit about this whole article was the 1980’s graphic they dug up that was used by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI)

Home Taping

You mean…this is a fight the recording industry has been fighting for over 20 years and we’ve been on the verge of the death of the music industry the whole time? WOW! I mean, imagine living for that long not knowing when you woke up each morning if you’re industry still existed?!? Those, brave, brave recording industry executives *sniffle*

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