October 17 2006

Firefox 2, RC3

As you all know, I love my Firefox browser. I didn’t think I could love it more than I already did, but then…then came Firefox 2.0.


There are numerous small improvements, and a couple of whoppers. The overall look of the browser is streamlined. Corners are more rounded, search boxes in the toolbars are larger, and easier to read, and the tabs have a minimum size, so when you get too many you can use arrows to scroll through them.

Two big improvements were real stand outs though:

Spell checker – I never thought I would see the day when a browser included a in-line spell checker! Even as I type this, it is watching what I type. When you hit on a mis-spelled word, or a word it doesn’t know, it gives you a red underline to let you know. Right click with your mouse on the word and it gives you the option to add the word or use one of it’s suggestions. Hopefully this will lead to a FEW less typos in my blog entries. *cough*

Crash recovery – Ever had your browser crash with numerous tabs open? You then sit there and think “Oh man, how will I recreate all those? What a pain!” Well, the new Firefox will ask you when you reopen it if you want to continue the previous session, or start a new one if you feel the page you were viewing caused the crash. So, today my Firefox crashed, I reopened it, told it to continue the session and…WHAM! All eight of my tabs reopened right where they were with no data loss. This alone could make me marry Firefox.

Now, this is NOT the final release of 2.0, but if you download Release Candidate 3, it will overwrite you previous Firefox and will do an automatic upgrade when the Gold Master (final release) is ready. With this release of Firefox there is really no reason to continue to use Internet Explorer, and believe me, you’ll be happier.

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  • Roy

    Crash recovery is fine and all but don’t you think the point is for the browser to not crash in the first place? I still can’t get Japanese fonts to look good in Firefox on Mac OSX….anyone know?

  • I totally agree they shouldn’t crash, but I will say in their defense, a lot of times it is junk code in the web pages you visit. Bad Java, bad Flash, even just plain bad HTML. And especially if the pages are “optimized” for IE, the laziest way ever to code a page.