October 18 2006

Micro$oft Strikes Again

I am beginning to feel like an extension of Luis over at BlogD, but he keeps coming up with some of the greatest info! This entry was about some info he found on Microsoft trying to gouge people for even more money. It seems the licensing agreement for Vista is out-and-about, and it’s not all that friendly to Mac’s without ever saying the word “Mac” or “Apple”. As you may know, Mac’s can now run Windows at the same time as Mac by using programs such as Parallels. This program “emulates” the Windows environment, but under the Vista license, this is a no-no with certain versions.

You may use the software installed on the licensed device within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system on the licensed device. If you do so, you may not play or access content or use applications protected by any Microsoft digital, information or enterprise rights management technology or other Microsoft rights management services or use BitLocker. We advise against playing or accessing content or using applications protected by other digital, information or enterprise rights management technology or other rights management services or using full volume disk drive encryption.

The only versions of Vista you can use would be Business ($299) or Ultimate ($399). Home, the version not allowed, runs around $199. So Microsoft just basically said “either you pay the price of a low end PC, or you don’t get to use Vista”.

I am notmally not a fan of replacing the “s” in a company name with a “$”, but sometimes it just fits. Micro$oft is out of control and trying their hardest to alienate everyone they can it seems. Every decision they have made just seems to be as customer-unfriendly as possible. I have been using Microsoft products since I got my first PC in 1986, and after 20 years I am jumping ship due to the way everyone is being treated by them. My prediction is Vista will be the best frend Apple has ever had and they will see more people switch operating systems than ever before.

The weird thing about this? The license doesn’t seem to cover if you “boot” the Mac in Vista using Boot Camp. Go figure.

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