October 20 2006

What the…?

Remember how I mentioned Amazon was deciding to effectively shut me down on October 24th? I think making a decision like that close to the holiday shopping season was rather unfair of them, but oh well. I prefer no big technical upgrades or changes this close to the biggest selling season, but that was their choice. Imagine my thrill today when I discovered Yahoo Shopping was choosing now to totally change their store editing system!


Who is advising these ecommerce portals that now, October, was a good time to make major changes? They should be taken out and personally flogged! So the new Yahoo structure is requiring me to spend this weekend rushing through changing my Yahoo store, which was not in my plans because this is the last weekend of my Amazon store! Yes, there are benefits to the changes in the Yahoo system, but it still should have been done back in the Summer, or even after the beginning of the year, not now.

So, instead of going in to the holidays calmly, like I like to do, I have a main site I am still tweaking after our redesign, an Amazon store shutting down, and my Yahoo store being redesigned….good times, good times. Never let it be said my life is boring.

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