October 22 2006

Boy Scouts, Corporate Mouthpieces

The Boy Scouts in the Los Angeles area have a new, exclusive “activity patch” they can add to their credentials; “Respect Copyrights”. It seems the MPAA has somehow teamed up with the greater Los Angeles area Boy Scouts to offer this new activity patch that will teach the Scouts about 5 different copyright laws, and the scouts will either visit a movie studio to meet the people illegal downloading would put out of work, or they can make public service announcements. Ars Technica has a great article with a few more of the details.

The part that really bothers me in all of this is this statement as one of the requirements:

“There are peer to peer groups who offer legal downloads and those who offer illegal downloads. Make a list of both. Suggest ways to detect peer to peer software like the MPAA Parent File Scan.”

Detect them where? Your own computer? Doubtful, you wouldn’t know they are on there, so what computers then? Friends? Family? Does this program send a report to the MPAA? Are you supposed to report your own family members? Is this a back door way of making a little army of downloading narcs? “Come on kids! Rat out your family and friends!”

And would someone care to explain to me how the MPAA came to this deal with the Boy Scouts? If this doesn’t seem like turning the Boy Scouts in to the mouth piece for an industry association, I don’t what is. I was not aware that the BSA was willing to help with the spreading of propaganda. Always nice to know what the kids today are learning. I am sure there was some sort of large donation involved in this, but doubt that will ever become public knowledge.

“Mr. MPAA man? I think my mommy traded a copy of “Under The Tuscan Sun“…is she going to jail now?”

“Yes she is Jimmy, yes she is…now, here’s your patch.”

BSA Copyrights Patch

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