October 23 2006

Tonight’s concert

I know you’re all shocked when I actually go out and do stuff, but here I go again! Three weeks ago it was the Combichrist/KMFDM show at The Blue Note in Columbia,MO, this time it’s a quadruple bill! Originally it was three bands, but now they’ve added an up-and-coming sketch comedy troupe. First up will be The Whitest Kids U’Know, who will soon be getting their own show on Fuse. I know very little about them, but should be interesting to see.

Then we get to the bands. Zox, who at first listen sounds like a rip off of 1980’s bands like The Cure. Not sure how much I’ll enjoy this part of the show. Next up is Bedouin Soundclash, and though they hail from Canada, they sure sound like they are from Jamaica. I should enjoy this one, I like the two albums I’ve heard.

And then, then we get to the part of the show I’m dying for…Flogging Molly! This band is just infectious and I am so excited to be seeing them again. I’ll never forget seeing them the first time, October 16th, 2000. I walked out of the show to the news that my state’s Governor, Mel Carnahan, had died in a plane crash….and he went on to win the election in November of that year against future Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft. Yes…leave it to Missouri to elect a dead man! Anyway, I love Flogging Molly, but I am hoping seeing them again doesn’t bode ill for elected officials!

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