October 25 2006

How NOT to win over viewers for a TV show

It seems that Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights from which the movie and TV show is based, is unhappy with the television show’s ratings. Instead of possibly blaming the quality of the show, the subject matter, the actors, the bad time slot, instead he blames people who watch Dancing With The Stars.

“It’s distressing that so many people are flocking to a show that’s obviously contrived and ridiculous, our show is about real issues. It’s a shame it’s been struggling.”

Ok, let’s look at this, first off, your show about “real issues” is on during the all important 8 EST/7 CST family dining time. Not the best time slot for a drama. There is a reason it’s heavily populated with reality shows and sitcoms, it is a time for families to watch lite entertainment while they discuss their days, or, better yet, just turn the TV off completely. Secondly, if your high school career was anything like mine, you don’t paticuraly relish watching a show about a high school football team, a subject that holds zero interest to me. As I have said before, I am a TV junkie, and I have no desire to go near the show, don’t you think this might be a sign it is a subject that does not hold much interest as a weekly series to the majority of the population?

Instead of analyzing the problem, Mr. Bissinger takes the easy road out and blames the viewers themselves. I mean, “if they aren’t watching my wonderful show, there must be something wrong with them!” A good way to make sure I never check out your show is to insult my taste. I will laugh heartily when I see the notice your show is canceled.

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