October 27 2006

Wow…our ego knows no bounds

I had heard of this ages ago, but I was hopeful the International Olympic Committee would tell NBC to blow it out their collective ass. See, the 2008 Summer Olympics will be in Beijing, China, this means that the only events to air live on prime-time USA television will be events from the next morning. (i.e. when it’s Thursday night here, it’s Friday morning there) Well, this presents a problem to NBC because all the good stuff usually happens later in the day, which, some studies show, is better for the athletes.

Seems NBC doesn’t care what’s good for the athletes, only what’s good for their ratings. They petitioned for the finals in swimming and gymnastics be moved to the mornings so that they could air them in prime-time in the USA. Much to my dismay, the IOC agreed to it!

Excuse me, but when did the Olympics become “The USA Games”? Are they not about the world coming together to compete? So the traditional schedule is messed with to appease one country? What about all of Europe? These events will be in the middle of the night for them! Australia? “Oh sorry, we know you just got to work and will have to miss some of the most exciting events.”

This just seems exceedingly selfish of us to me. NBC is concerned about weak ratings because people will learn via various news sources who won before they could air them if they stick to the traditional schedule. Boo-freakin-hoo. NBC knew full well when the paid the outrageous sum of $3.5 Billion for 5 Olympics that they might not get everything in prime-time.

Shame on NBC for asking, and shame on the IOC for giving in. I guess we know who runs the Olympics now.

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