October 31 2006

This is just…creepy

Spotted this on Engadget today, and they found it on BoingBoing

Red Robot

Seems this was spotted driving around the Harajuku district of Tokyo this past Sunday. For those unfamiliar with Harajuku, especially on Sundays, it is the “hip” area of Tokyo where, supposedly, all street fashion begins. Yes, this is the place Gwen Steffani was singing about in her song “Harajuku Girls”. On Sundays it turns in to a Cosplay heaven, with people walking around in all sorts of outrageous outfits.

Little is known about our little robot friend here as he did not stop to talk to anyone. It was seen managing to go up and down curbs though, and easily navigating through the crowded streets. It was spotted with a different passenger at another time, but again, no info.

So, is this someone’s home-brewed project? A university experiment? What the heck is it??

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