November 30 2006

awww Thanks everyone:)

Thank you to every one who called/commented/emailed me to ask how Winston was and to offer advice on how to take care of him. It meant a lot. I won’t lie, I love all three of them, but Winston leads in the favorites by a nose, I have no clue why. Just to update everyone,… read more

General Pets

November 29 2006

Tonight’s post

I have stuff I want to blog about, but just can’t be bothered tonight. Winston isn’t feeling well and has, thus far, vomited 10 times. I have talked to the vet, and I am following his suggestions (no food or water tonight, maybe some Pepto Bismal if it continues. Add on top of that we’re… read more


November 28 2006

Look! More pain!

I haven’t moaned about the new Transformers movie lately, mainly because no new pain pictures have popped up on the web. That all changed yesterday. Ladies and gentleman, may I present Skorponok… Click for a larger view of the pain Maybe it’s the angle of the shot? Maybe it’s the fact the soldiers look like… read more

While I know everyone here is just DYING to read my blog from their PDAs or mobiles, I have finally gone and installed a plugin that allows you to do just that! Thanks to Jo from for the heads up! I looked at it in my PDA and I was impressed with how smoothly… read more

I left my new Dell on all weekend so I could log in to it remotely to check up on things. I come in today, close all my programs, go to restart and…. Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\hal.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file. Of… read more


November 26 2006

Evil, Evil Dairy Queen!

As you all know, I’ve been dieting this year, and thus far I’ve lost in the neighborhood of 50 lbs, 3 pants sizes and who knows what other things. It’s been a good year for getting in shape. But, now come the holidays. I’m hoping I can hold out and not backslide too badly, but… read more

Movies TV

November 25 2006

Holiday Entertainment

From my post last year: With time running out, it’s time to discuss my recommendations for the traditional Christmas movies I always watch. A Christmas Carol – Patrick Stewart is a classically trained actor and he brings a powerful tone to the role of Scrooge. A fantastic version of this classic tale of Christmas spirit.… read more


November 24 2006

Black Friday

As much as I despise Wal-Mart, They were having some decent Black Friday sales this morning, so I headed out…at 4 AM. Why don’t they do these things at 12:01 AM? No no, they have to do them at a time you don’t want to stay up until, but far earlier than most people get… read more

Over on Amazon today they had 1,000 Xbox 360 Core Systems at an amazing price of $100, normally $299.99. You had to go to a certain page at 11:00 AM PST to login, answer a question, get the gift certificate for it. Well, big surprise, the site was overwhelmed and when I got in at… read more

Back in late June or early July, a friend asked me if I would mind voting for the All Star baseball game to help her players get in. Since I could care less who played, I said sure, and used several of my email addresses to vote. Oh man was that ever a mistake! First… read more

Shari over at My So-Called Japanese Life has a great post today about the rudeness she and her husband encounter in Tokyo shops and out on the street. She thought this might be exclusive to Tokyo, but alas, it’s not. Let me quote the comment I left her, and then I will build upon it:… read more

It seems Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox TV parent company, News Corp, has pulled the plug on the OJ Simpson book and TV special. What a concept! “I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project,” Murdoch said in a statement. “We are sorry for any pain this has… read more

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