November 2 2006

And Teddy Makes Three

So…for 30 years we had buff (blonde) dogs in our lives. First there was Polly, a cockapeekapoopom (i.e. mutt), we lost her after 18 years, when I was 20. Three weeks later we got Beau and had him until May 11th of this year. While we love Patrick and Winston with all our hearts, we still were missing the buff color. Enter Stephanie at Classy Country Cockers. We found her through Laura at TLD Cocker Spaniels, where we got Patrick and Winston. She recently had a litter that was a mix of buffs and blacks and…well…long story short, there was one lone little buff boy left who needed a home and….meet Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt

He will be joining our family next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have laid down the law, THERE WILL NOT BE A NUMBER FOUR! (I hope)

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