November 6 2006

Techie Fun!

I have NO clue how I missed out on this Firefox extension for so long! You know how you have email addresses piling up everywhere? Maybe that’s just me, but I have six addresses I use every day, but my most neglected was my Gmail account, I just never seem to get on there. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered you could use a Firefox extension called Gmail Space to convert your unused space in a Gmail account into a 2gb file storage location.

It creates an FTP type interface to transfer the files to the usable space. While 2gb may not seem like a lot, but considering I am constantly walking around with a 2gb flash drive, I am all for a virtual one that will allow me to move stuff more easily between work and home.

Here’s the crazy part…I have 99 Gmail invitations left…hmmmmmm.

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