November 7 2006

Election Day

It’s finally here. Now let the flippin’ ads stop!

No matter which way you lean, please do go vote. I love people who don’t vote and then site around complaining about it. So please, no matter what, do get out and vote today! For the record, I already did. Yep, in Missouri you only need to go by the County Clerk’s office and ask to vote absentee and they don’t even ask why you are voting. So I voted 2 weeks ago so I could avoid the rush today and interestingly, I was the 468th person to do so. Both my parents, my grandmother and both employees also did it. A couple of them are actually out of town today, but most of us did it just to avoid the lines today. My feeling is, if the options there, why not use it?

Anyway, come on folks, stop reading this and get out there and vote!

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