November 7 2006

Poll workers struggle with e-ballots

Six years.

It’s been six years since the 2000 election debacle and I am oddly not surprised to find this:

Computer glitches and poll workers’ unfamiliarity with the new equipment were also blamed for long lines in such states as Tennessee, South Carolina and Illinois.

How, HOW, can you have not had intensive training on the new machines to avoid mishaps today? This article states many places just chucked the machines and went to stand-by paper ballots. GOOD!

I am sure people are thinking “Oh Sean, that will mean hanging chads again!”. Well…no. My county did something interesting this time. Next to each candidate there was an arrow pointing to their name, broken in to thirds. To vote for the person, you had to draw a line, with a pen, between the first part and last part of the arrow. It’s fairly lengthy, so just one pen dot, like you thought about it, won’t be enough to complete the arrow, it’s closer to an inch in length you had to draw in. Archaic? Yes. Fool proof? Probably not. Made me feel more comfortable than using an electronic voting machine that can be hacked? HELL YES!

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