November 10 2006

Black Friday

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Black Friday is the name used for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA. It usually involves big sales and is considered the start of the Christmas shopping season here.

The big moment comes when we all get the fliers in the mail telling us what will be on sale and what the hours are. As with anything in this day and age, there are websites dedicated to spilling those beans early so you can plan out your shopping better and sooner. The best one so far for this year seems to be, to the point Linens-n-Things sent them a cease & desist letter! Go bfads! Anyway, if you plan on heading out in to the craziness that is Black Friday, this site is invaluable. They not only do lists of the sales items, but in a lot of cases already have scans of the fliers up for you to see.

Oddly they don’t have the info for Target stores yet, but Bargain Share does, with another fascinating piece of info shared by a user of their forums:

if an item goes on sale w/in 14 days of your purchase you can take your receipt to customer service for a price adjustment–
That means any item you see on the Black Friday sale list– can be purchased now- and take your receipt to Target customer service for a price adjustment on black friday to refunded the difference!! (has be be when in the period the item is on sale– so if it’s friday only- you need to go on friday to do this!)
( i just called the store and verified this)
so- why fight those crazy Target crowds–

I would verify this on your own first, but if true, hot diggity, start your shopping now! (I would check for myself, but we have no Target store in my town)

And, as much as I despise Wal-Mart, they do have some decent sales this year.

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