November 13 2006

Fun TV

Everyone seems to know about the major network shows, but while watching some of the off brand cable shows today, I thought I would share some of my faves with you all. These aren’t shows I watch religiously, but if they’re on, and I’m bored, I’ll stop and turn them on for background noise. (Roy – yes, I know what you are going to say, yes LOST is now in my Blockbuster queue for the holidays :-p)

American Chopper – One of the better known shows on the Discovery Channel, this series follows the antics of the Tuttle family who run Orange County Choppers. Yes they are loud, yes they are abrasive, and yes they really are just kind of like cake decorators, but they’re good at it and are fun to watch.

Flip This House – Shown on A&E, this show is about realtors who purchase rundown houses, fix them up, and turn them around for a profit as quickly as possible. Why this show interests me, I’m not sure, but it does.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels – Pretty obviously scripted reality show about Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS On A&E. Show is worth it just for the rest of his family, especially his kids, Nick and Sophie.

Ghost Hunters – I am fascinated about paranormal phenomenon IF I think it’s true. This show, featuring The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), on the Sci Fi Channel sure seems like the real deal, plus the team is entertaining. Their 6-hour live event on Halloween night from the Stanley Hotel, the basis for The Shining, was quite interesting.

Good Eats – Airing on the Food Network, I am sure Alton Brown has an amazing research staff, but what this show teaches you about food just can’t be beat.

John Ratzenberger’s Made In America – John Ratzenberg, whom played Cliff on the hit show Cheers, travels America on, oddly enough, the Travel Channel. He visits odd little factories to tell you about items that are still produced here in the USA. Actually quite fascinating, for instance I just learned today that Everlast boxing equipment is made only 45 miles away from my house!

All of these shows are the TV equivalent of “comfort food”, entertaining, but not the healthiest for you.

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