November 14 2006

General Video Game Update

You know I sure was more excited about all the new video game systems like a year ago? So why not now? General lack of funds for all the new systems…over-pricing of systems (sorry, but $600 for a PS3, if I’m lucky, is just flippin’ insane)…too many games for the older systems I still haven’t finished…and any number of small technical aspects that just annoy me.

When I unpack a PS3, why should I have to immediately install an update? Why at launch time is it not fully backward compatiable, and is actually failing on some of the PS2’s most famous titles?

Is it just Sony annoying me? Nope! Nintendo decided it was a good idea before the Wii even launched to tell everyone “Oh hey, there will be an upgraded model next year with DVD playback capabilities, but please go ahead and buy this one because we all know you are silly little fanboys!” Never mind you have to put a stupid sensor in front of your TV, beyond the game system, to make the bizarre Wiimote work. (the device in front of the TV is circled in red below)

Wiimote Sensor

Then comes the question of the Xbox 360…a year old and no price drop? Thanks Microsoft!

About 2 weeks ago I did some Super Nintendo shopping on eBay for grins…I spent $.49 on an Animaniacs game and $9.99 on an unopened copy of Super Return of the Jedi. Think I will stick with the systems I have for now, thanks!

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  • Roy

    The update on PS3 is not big deal. It happens automatically. Have you seen the PS3? It’s a beautiful console and looks great beside my nice big ass HDTV. It gets hot during use and acts as a heater for my living room too. I got my PS3 mainly because I did not have any game machine or proper dvd player and also wanted the Blue ray. For me the purchase was worth it even if I don’t play too many games on it.

  • The only thing I would gain is Blu ray (which I am not settling in the Blu ray or HD-DVD camp yet) and the ability to play PS3 games…I’ll wait. And I just don’t think a brand new system needs an update on the first day, what did they get so wrong? And a room heater? Um…ooooook :-p