November 16 2006


I have been so flabbergasted by the news of OJ Simpson’s book and TV appearance that I had to take some time to ponder it.

What, in the name of blue blazes were Regan Books and Fox TV thinking?!? A “hypothetical” look at how he would have killed Nicole and Ron if he had done it?!? As if these families haven’t suffered enough! And what about the children OJ had with Nicole? “Hey kids! Gather round here how daddy killed mommy…’hypothetically’ that is!”

There are no words for just how disgusting I find this whole concept. Both Regan Books and Fox television should be ashamed they have anything to do with this, and I, for one, plan on boycotting both of these items. It disgusts me enough I would consider boycotting anything to do with either of these companies now. And anyone who buys advertising spots during the television show should also have their heads examined.

Shame on any and all associated with this show. I know I have railed against the AFA for their bearing down pressure on what they view as slights against Christianity, but this is about two very gruesome murders! (I know…I’ve seen the crime scene photos some years ago…it wasn’t pretty) This whole thing just turns my stomach.

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