November 18 2006

The Week Technology Bites Me Back

So, besides the laptop drama I wrote about yesterday, that wasn’t my only tech headache this week. My lovely 27″ Sony Trinitron of nearly 7 years decided to completely blackout 3 times in one night this week. When it did come back on the colors would be either out of whack or blue lines running through it. If you haven’t noticed, TVs are kind of important to me. Whether it be TV shows, DVDs, or video games, I kinda need a TV!

So, I figured if I was going to buy a TV, it was time to upgrade to High Def. I don’t heave a High Def DirecTV dish, but may some day down the road, so why not get the TV set for it now? I did some research on plasma vs. LCD and opted to go with LCD due to the burn in problems on the screen I’ve heard about. I’m going for a slightly bigger screen, 32″, and widescreen presentation. In the end, I ended up going with Consumer Reports top rated model in this category, the Toshiba REGZA 32HL66 32″ LCD HDTV (pay no attention to the price, that’s not what I paid for it).

So, expect some info about HDTVs next week, that you will have no real interest in knowing, as the TV will be here on Monday.

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