November 19 2006

Not all customer service is bad

In August 2000 I bought a pair of Bose earphones, the original Quiet Comforts, after listening to a pair a friend owned. In August of 2003, I noticed some whiting around the ear section, and I was getting a hum in one earphone. I called up Bose and they said they could repair them, or, since the Quiet Comfort 2 model was out, they could offer me a half-price trade-in on the QC1’s. I opted for the upgrade.

Flash forward to October of this year, and I went to put on my QC2’s and…*snap*, the inner slide popped out, leaving the earphone at an unwearable angle. I called Bose the next day to see about getting them serviced, but knowing full well I was out of warranty. I explained the situation to the, surprisingly, American phone agent. He told me how to send them back, and I asked how much servicing would cost, he told me “I think we’ll just take care of this for you.” Cue me being slack jawed. Sure, maybe they knew they had a problem, but I still thought it was pretty cool of them considering how long I had the phones. But, cue me being even more shocked when I didn’t get my original set back, but instead a brand new pair! Now THAT is caring about your customer!

I just felt I should share a good customer service experience after the disaster of the HP service the other day.

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