November 22 2006

Major League Baseball Mailing Lists SUCK!

Back in late June or early July, a friend asked me if I would mind voting for the All Star baseball game to help her players get in. Since I could care less who played, I said sure, and used several of my email addresses to vote. Oh man was that ever a mistake!

First off this signed me up for about 5 mailing lists per email address.

1 for her team
1 for the second team I chose as my “second favorite”
1 for MLB itself
1 for that co-sponsored the voting
1 for the MLB store

Now I try unsubscribing from them…and I try…and I try…and I try…about 8 times per list now. I click on their unsubscribe buttons, they tell me I’m successful and, yet, they just keep coming! I can not get these stupid emails to quit showing up! I have zero interest in them! I am at a loss as what to do at this point, and it’s gotten so annoying, it’s verging on becoming funny.

I just wanted to warn everyone, don’t ever vote in anything like this!

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