November 23 2006

So sad, it’s funny

Over on Amazon today they had 1,000 Xbox 360 Core Systems at an amazing price of $100, normally $299.99. You had to go to a certain page at 11:00 AM PST to login, answer a question, get the gift certificate for it. Well, big surprise, the site was overwhelmed and when I got in at 2 minutes after, the deal was sold out. I shrugged, said “Oh well” and went on with my day.

Well, just for grins, I went back later to see what people were saying on the message boards Amazon had set up. Best.Laughs.EVER! Some of the gems included:

“Link to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.”

“Amazon should drop the price of Xbox 360 due to screw up!”

“Amazon really should have limited these contests to accounts that have been active for over 6 months…”

“Do you think this was a scam?”

“Amazon unfair”

“F*CK AMAZON !!!!!!!!@!@!@!”

Pages and pages of this stuff…it’s HILARIOUS! Everyone knew there would only be 1,000 of the 360s, but yet, they seem to think because they didn’t get one, this was obviously a scam and Amazon should be reported to the Better Business Bureau (note to self:write entry someday about why that is a total waste of time as the BBB is a private organization with no real power) Thankfully this was done online! Can you imagine these same people let loose in the real world in a store? Why, people might get trampled, robbed, shot…oh wait…that was the PS3 launch this week. Silly me. Lots of people claiming they will never shop Amazon again, but yeah, I’m so sure they will live up to that.

By the way…Happy Thanksgiving everyone…doesn’t this sort of mentality from your fellow man just put you in a holiday spirit?

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  • On the other hand, the BBB does take complaints and investigates them, and if a business is found to actually be in the wrong, it becomes public and can hurt them. When I tried to quit my first web host after they silently switched me to a 6-month contract without my consent, they double-billed me for a month I never got. I was getting the run-around from them, the most they offered was a promise for a credit spendable with them for future services, and even that came after many phone calls where they repeatedly hung up on me a crap like that.

    So I sent one final letter: repair the situation or I report them to the BBB. Almost instantly, they gave me a refund to my credit card account, and sent letters of apology.

    So, I’m not too unhappy the BBB is around. I have no idea of their effectiveness otherwise, but they can come in handy at times.

    As for the Amazon commenters… I agree completely, what a bunch of wankers! All part of the whole world-revolves-around-me mentality, I guess.

  • I’ll make a whole entry sometime about our run in with the BBB. Short version is, woman was clearly in the wrong, BBB didn’t care to hear our side of the story, they were “there for her” and treated us like the biggest thieves ever even AFTER we showed them a copy of the rental agreement she had clearly signed stating exactly what we did. So I am sure they have good points, but they certainly left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Yep, the world-revolves-around-me thought process is getting worse. It was CLEARLY evident at the Black Friday sales I just got back from. Will post on those later.