November 30 2006

awww Thanks everyone:)

Thank you to every one who called/commented/emailed me to ask how Winston was and to offer advice on how to take care of him. It meant a lot. I won’t lie, I love all three of them, but Winston leads in the favorites by a nose, I have no clue why.

Just to update everyone, his last vomiting was around 7 PM CST on Wednesday night, and per vet’s instructions, I kept him off food and water until this morning, and then it was just small amounts. He’s been a bit lethargic today, but with bursts of energy. Right now he is wrestling with Teddy and Patrick and he instigated it, so I take that as a good sign. I will be bringing him back to full food and water on Friday, but while being monitored.

The stress of last night was added to by an ice storm and my being the only one home. So taking them out was an adventure as I had to do it on leads because their usual place is the backyard and that involves going down a flight of wooden stairs. Patrick got out there once while I was checking it and, yep, he flew down the stairs. (he’s fine)

So again, thank you everyone, it meant a lot!

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