December 2 2006

People Are Amazing

Remember the other day I wrote about how people were pissed at Amazon over the $100 Xbox 360’s? The original sale happened on Thanksgiving during the afternoon, this week they decided to move the actual sale to Sunday morning, more than likely not to conflict with people being at work.

You guessed it…people are whining.

“Boycott – Sale shouldn’t be held during Church hours on Sunday!!!!!”

“Sunday is the Lord’s Day”

Those are just a couple of titles, not to mention the messages in threads about how they picked an inconvenient time. Is it any wonder why I love being a retailer? There is NO pleasing some people. When should they have the sales? 2 AM? Or does that offend someone else’s sensibilities? I am all for church going, don’t get me wrong, but boycotting Amazon because they are putting a cheapy DVD player on sale while YOU are at church? Weirdness.

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