December 9 2006


I really need to stop getting “good ideas”. A friend was trying to publish a simple checklist of some YouTube videos online. Well, by the time I was done tweaking things, she had a multi-page website with graphics.

I really need to stop coming up with so many “good ideas”.

*goes back to work on tweaking things*

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  • Jo

    (whistle) don’t feel bad, all geeks have that in them ;)

  • *stands up*
    My name is Sean and I….I have a geek problem. *sobs*

  • Nik

    You know you love it. I can tell. Deep down inside you’re coming up with even more pages to publish.

  • shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You’ll blow my cover :-p

  • Roy

    What’s this so-called *good idea* you claim to have? ;-)

    A checklist for youtube videos? Isn’t that what the favorites in your youtube account is supposed to be for?

  • Roy – You’ll never know :| This is a very…”odd” project we are doing and it requires more than a favorites on YouTube, trust me:-p