December 10 2006


A while back I wrote an entry about Fun TV, and in there I mentioned a show called Flip This House. Well, I should have mentioned I like it MOST of the time…except for the Montelongo group from San Antonio.

Armando Montelongo is in business with his family in Montelongo House Buyers and, well, to be blunt, he’s an ass. I won’t deny the man is successful, there is no arguing that fact, but he’s gotten there in a sleazy way. It’s supposed to be a partnership with his brother, wife, and sister-in-law, instead it comes off as “Everything is about Armando, what you can do for Armando, and how you can do it without costing him a $.01”.

For instance, the episode where he told his sister-in-law to get them a website with professional photography built with a budget of $0. Yes, she got it done, but somehow I doubt she could have really pulled that off without A&E cameras being involved. How about the episode where he interviewed new employees, and to prove a point he won a $20 bet with a potential employee. Yeah…he took $20 from a job applicant, threw it in a desk drawer like it meant nothing to him, and told the applicant “no thanks”.

What prompted me to write anything tonight was the episode entitled “Roach House“. He bought a foreclosed house for $40,000, budgeted renovations at $15,000 and no matter how many problems popped up, he expected every one to just make them go away inside that budget. Where he burned me though was when things were crumbling all around everyone’s head he expected his brother David to just take over this project he had saddled the company with because it was time for HIS vacation. And while his brother was standing there saying “I’m not comfortable with this.” he couldn’t shut up about his plane taking off in 3 hours. He ended the conversation abruptly and left for his vacation leaving his brother with the problem HE had purchased.

So why does this bother me? I work in a family environment, and while it is stressful, there have been many times where I have sacrificed my plans because someone told me they couldn’t handle it, they didn’t feel comfortable or any other number of reasons. When you are in business with your family, your personal desires take a back seat to the good of those around you. And if it’s a project I brought in? You better believe my butt would have been there to the bitter end the way things were going.

Why should I even spend a whole entry bitching about this guy? Well, it’s my blog, and my right, and when I see someone being that big of an ass on so many fronts… it just irks me. I know I would never be buying a house through his company with his attitude.

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August 26 2007

Armando Montelongo