December 17 2006

Short post…

You know…I found an odd side-effect of my weekend marathon of Amazon shopping. It’s mildly disturbing how many less people I’m buying gifts for. 2006 was not a good year for me in the way of “people pruning”.

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  • Unless there is acrimony behind your “pruning”, it’s probably a good thing. People value materialism too much anyway and it’s better to give time, love, and help than junk. :-)

  • Mostly acrimony. It has been a baaaaaad year for people doing things they KNEW would piss me off before they even did it, and then expecting me to be ok with it.

  • Roy

    Shari, your comment is interesting but if some guy I dislike was to give me a choice between a couple hours of his time or a nice camera, you know which one I’d choose.

  • Roy

    Sean, call yourself fortunate. If I had to prune even one person, I wouldn’t have any friends left… :-(

  • Roy – you would SO go for the camera:-p And we all love you….in that totally platonic, “hey buddy” kinda way:D