December 18 2006

Did Christmas Come Early?

Most days is a battle. “What to blog about? WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT?!?” But…then, then the American Family Association goes and annoys me again and there ya go…blog entry written!

In their latest “ActionAlert” they are upset over Two and a Half Men. As they put it “CBS, Charlie Sheen bash Christ, Christmas and Christians”. It seems in the December 11th episode, Charlie Sheen’s character changed the lyrics to the “Joy To The World” into a song about “getting laid tonight”. So, of course the AFA has taken this as some sort of direct attack on Christianity.

CBS and actor Charlie Sheen have used the Christmas season to ridicule and mock Christ, Christmas and Christians. CBS approved actor Charlie Sheen’s vulgar adaptation of a favorite Christian Christmas carol. On the December 11 program, the network included in their Two and a Half Men an episode featuring Sheen singing about his sexual activity to the tune of the traditional Christmas hymn “Joy to the World.”

As I have said endlessly, I have no problem with devout Christians, knock yourselves out, but come on, it’s a parody! GET OVER IT! Just because someone change the words to “Joy to the World” does not mean it was a direct attack on your religion. Who HASN’T changed the words to a seasonal song? To write in about this is just silly. If these people had their way, the world would be a very boring, sanitized place to live, and I, for one, would rather skip that.

This is the seventh time I’ve written about the AFA, and you know what? I doubt I’ll ever stop.

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