December 20 2006

mmmm maybe a little less pain?

Well, since some people *coughROYcough* are emailing me to make sure I am aware the Transformers trailer has hit online, I guess I should give my thoughts on it. And….not a total train wreck, but I will admit the Transformers look better in motion. Although I never questioned the special effects would be good, but I do still question:

– Vehicle changes

– Name changes

– Paint job changes

– Michael Bay being anywhere near this project

So, yes, the trailer gave me a little hope, but then I saw the obvious “human love story” sub-plot, that made me cringe. Transformers is about giant robots that turn int o vehicles and fight, NOT about teenagers in love. Oh well, guess the girlfriends in the theater need to be appeased also. Although, I do know one woman who is probably more rabid about Transformers than I am…(yes Angela…I mean you)

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