December 25 2006

Look! Another entry that writes itself!

Do you know who I love ALMOST as much as the American Family Association? The Parents Television Council, that’s who! I am sure most of you are familiar by now with the new viral hit to come out of Saturday Night Live, “Dick In A Box” (link takes you to the uncensored version). Well, it seems the PTC is no longer satisfied with being a watchdog of TV, if a TV shows posts to the web, that makes it fair game also.

In a recent press release, the PTC is crying complaining about the fact NBC used the internet to show the uncensored version of the video. The press release really is a piece of work, and as press releases can be copied in full, let’s have some fun dissecting the silliness of it!

LOS ANGELES (December 21, 2006) – The Parents Television Council™ is calling on NBC to explain its decision to post the uncensored version of a “Saturday Night Live” skit on YouTube and The skit featured Justin Timberlake singing a holiday song about a part of the male anatomy that was bleeped 16 times when it aired on television.

It’s called “viral marketing”. Look it up, it’s all the rage.

According to PTC President L. Brent Bozell, “This is a new low for NBC. Clearly, the network will stop at nothing to find loopholes for its indecent programming to reach the public. Moving objectionable content that would not meet FCC standards directly to the Internet is blatantly irresponsible and unacceptable.”

Um…how is it “irresponsible and unacceptable”? They did not find a “loophole” to FCC standards, the FCC has no say in the internet, so moving the video from one medium to another has nothing to do with the FCC, it is merely maximizing their costs and exposure.

Parents Television Council Executive Director, Tim Winter, added, “This very week the networks were in Federal Court decrying the so-called chilling effect of commonsense decency regulations which are intended to protect children. Not only does this Internet distribution reveal the hollowness of their claim, it also illustrates their seeming delight in providing children with an end-run on parents.”

Ok, first off, the word “dick” being bleeped or not, it was pretty damn obvious what this video was about. So in this “indecent” version, kids hear the word “dick”…oh no…the horrors. Plus, if parents are concerned about their Children’s exposure to such things on the internet, they can either A)install filtering software or B)keep the computer in a common area of the house so they can monitor what their child views. But see, we can’t count on parents to take these responsible steps, so it’s best just for the offending items to exist!

The Parents Television Council is calling on NBC to reconsider using the Internet to bypass FCC decency laws and will continue to monitor the broadcast-to-Web trend in general.

Good, then you may want to educate yourselves on the fact this is not a “bypass” but a totally separate medium. It’s lie an “unrated” version of a movie coming out on DVD, does that constitute a bypass of the MPAA rules? No, because the MPAA has no say in home video.

To date, the “Saturday Night Live” skit has been viewed nearly 3 million times on YouTube, further indicating the seriousness of this issue.

How does it indicate any form of seriousness? So what if it’s been viewed 3 million times? Do you know for a fact that an unusual amount of those viewings were by people under the age of 18? Never mind the fact that the only thing indecent about the video is the use of a slang term for male genitals, this is not some earth-shattering incident.

Again, just like all the times I slam on the AFA, this is a case of a bunch of busy bodies trying to impose THEIR morals on the entire country, and where the internet is involved, the world. They shroud themselves in religion to try to make it seemingly more difficult to say anything bad about them, they are, after all, doing if for your own good. Just as I say about TV, YOU have the ultimate power, you have the power of choice.

These people feel that no one, including consenting adults, should see what is essentially a harmless comedy video because it includes a “naughty word”…get over it! There are 1,000’s of worse things going on in this world than the word “dick” being used 16 times in a video! These people would be frightening if they would pour their seemingly unending energies into a truly worthwhile cause such as fighting child molesters. Instead they need to protect you from a word…a simple, four letter word.

I’ll sleep better tonight knowing they are people out there fighting to control a word.

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