December 25 2006

New Plugin

You’ll find a pop-up window now shows up when you hover on my links in blog entries. This is a preview of where you would be going if you clicked on the links. If I get a lot of complaints, I’ll remove it, but I like the general concept. Sign up at Snap and then you can get the plugin here after you sign up (you need the code sign up provides you).

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  • Umm… I will not necessarily complain, but such things do tend to annoy me. I even blogged on how such pop-ups annoy the heck out of me on certain sites that use the double-green-underline to activate pop-up ads on mouse rollover. This is different because your pop-ups are helpful for those who want it–but for those who don’t want or need it, it kind of gets in the way and makes people nervous to freely move their mouse about the page, else stuff gets in the way of their reading.


  • Your post is exactly the one I was thinking of. I hate the double line ads also, but I kinda like this as I tend to link to a lot of stuff, and, like you, I hate being led blindly somewhere. I’m *probably* going to turn it off, but I wanted to give it a try for a couple days and see what people thought of it.

  • Jo

    I like it so far … and haven’t had any complaints yet. But for the most part, if people are not going to follow a link in an article they won’t move the mouse to the link, therefore, they won’t see the pop-up.

    Oh, btw’re being tagged ;)

  • Somehow I knew I was going to get tagged….

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  • Cao

    It’s kind of cool. I haven’t ever seen this feature before.

  • Cao

    May I make a suggestion? Could you put the link up in the post to where you can get the plugin, and is it a wordpress plugin?

  • Cao – Added:)