December 26 2006

My Hair

Well, I’m not one for posting pictures of myself…and I still won’t! HA! I did want to tell the saga of my hair though. I suffer from extremely curly hair. When it gets humid, or it grows too long, it gets wildly out of control. In this instance I have not had a haircut since July and it was just getting impossible to control, and I was running my fingers through it every other minute.

Well, I did something i have threatened to do for years…I shaved it down to about a 1/2″. Not the best idea in December, but I am already happier! The way I look at it, I could never get in to my normal place for a hair cut, even when I could find time in her schedule, I had no time and add in the fact I was tired of paying $16 to get my hair cut…yay shaver!

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