December 28 2006

Finally Doing It

I’ve talked about it for ages, but as of next week, I will no longer have normal phones at home and I will be serviced by Packet 8 VoIP service. Shall be interesting to finally have it in my house, and I am sure I will post lots about it.

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Science & Technology

  • VoIP phone service is a standard option for Japanese Internet packages nowadays; I’ve been using it for almost two years now, and it is seamless–works just like my old phone system, I can’t tell the difference except for the blinking light on my modem/router when I am talking on the phone. As a side benefit, I get a second phone number for the same phone, a universal 050 “area” code prefix, in addition to my old phone number with the geographic area code. The 050 prefix even allows me unlimited free calls to others using the same service, not a small thing in Japan, where local calls are not free.

    The Seattle PI had this story on VoIP three years ago when it was in the process of getting approved.