December 31 2006

Happy New Years & New Year’s Resolutions

I thought it would be fun to look back at last year’s resolutions and see how I did.

* Be more serious in my blogging. Longer entries, more serious matters and more of a direction for the blog overall.

Eh…so-so. Still a lot of one line entries. And there was NO direction.

* Lose even more weight. I slacked off towards the end of the year due to sinus problems, but I plan on hitting it hard again.

Again I slacked off at the end, but I lost a lot of weight and went down several pants sizes!

* Work on getting the bulletin board some more traffic.

HA! I’m probably going to just delete it soon.

* Try to increase business for my original company while balancing the new one more.

Yes and no. MunkiZ finally had some success while AnimeUSA got a complete face-lift and did see a slight uptick in sales.

So, for this year:

* Lose even more weight!

* Keep blogging at least once a day!

* Work on optimizing the sites for better search engine indexing!

* Work on a couple of projects I will announce at a later date.

* Blog more heavily on the store blog (it bores me)!

(can you tell I’m trying to hype myself up for all these projects?)

Happy New Year to everyone…man I hope 2007 goes smoother than 2006!

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