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January 31 2007

Super Bowl

You know, if you like the Super Bowl, swell, more power to you, but do we ALL have to be beat over the head with it for a week? Do I need to see it EVERY flippin’ time I turn on the TV? I DON’T CARE! Sports belongs on sports channels and during the sports… read more

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The 6th hour of the 6th day of 24 and STILL no Satchel of Doom! *hugs his own, brand new S.O.D.* Sure, we have Bauer’s running all over the place, making the terror seem even more silly, but they could at least give us some hot S.O.D. action!… read more


January 29 2007

Now that’s dedication

Interesting article about a group of EastEnders fans in the Washington D.C. area that rallied to save their favorite British soap. Their local PBS channel, WETA, had informed their viewers they were going to be dropping the long-running BBC soap opera from the line-up due to the cost vs. ratings. It seems the show costs… read more

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It’s amazing how much time you can kill doing things that really aren’t that important. I slept in until 1:30 PM, something I haven’t done in years and I loved every minute of it. I then spent my time upgrading my blog software to WordPress 2.1, it’s quite lovely. Some nice new features and a… read more



January 27 2007


So what sort of traffic did end up having? Friday, 1/26 – 2,864 Saturday, 1/27 – 2,086 Our best day prior to the current plug from was Tursday, 1/25 at 1,391. This site is getting more traffic in one day than my ecommerce site ( does in a week. No, that’s not depressing… read more

So…remember how I mentioned the website I was behind,, got mentioned on Canadian TV? That brought us some traffic, but now comes the site being mentioned by the lesbians-in-media news site, In their weekly column, Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever., they mentioned the current storyline on All My Children and named Bam For Beginners as the place… read more

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According to this article, 20th Century Fox is threatening to withhold some of their movies form Canadian theaters due to the pirated camcorder copies coming out of them unless more of a crackdown happens. Um…. Doesn’t that just make you lose more money? Follow my logic: 20th Century Fox withholds a movie Canadians turn to… read more

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AGLOCO isn’t the first to do this, but it’s been awhile since anyone has. Since I signed up through Roy, I’m going to steal his explanation as he did it so well (feel free shoot me Roy!) AGLOCO is the new way to earn money while surfing the web. A small linkbar is installed on… read more

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January 23 2007

Spoiler Free S.O.D. Watch

Yes, lesson learned, no spoilers this time! As I mentioned last week, no sign of the Satchel of Doom had happened yet on 24! Five hours down, and still no S.O.D.! Did it demand too much money this season? Did it want it’s own trailer? I mean, come on, I located my own for $24… read more



January 22 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

Well, Amazing Race finally did what everyone knew they would do eventually…an All-Stars addition. I have had mixed feelings when Survivor and Big Brother did it, but with Amazing Race I think it will be pretty much like any other Race due to the fact there are so many variable that can’t be controlled. Amazing… read more

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January 21 2007


I haven’t posted pics of my boys in awhile, and with the snow today, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I know it’s hard to tell, but Winston IS looking in the direction of the camera Patrick and his snow nose Teddy…Man Of Action! Again…I swear Winston is looking at you! Teddy and his Rough… read more


About the only exciting that that happened today was…um…um…I finally got a CW channel on DirecTV? Otherwise mostly a day waiting for snow to fall, which is coming down at a good clip right now. Joy.… read more


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