January 3 2007

Oddity In The Mail

This just arrived in the mail for me

Gillette Fusion

I realize this is just your typical promo item, but…5 blades on one side? I kinda like the idea of the precision blade on the back for those annoying areas under your nose, but….5 blades?!?

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  • Yeah, they’ve been doing that. For a long time, they stuck with two blades. Then they went with three, and they’ve been going nuts ever since. I’m using one with four, and I’ve passed on the fives. Who the hell knows if it makes a difference. So long as it doesn’t cost any more.

  • I use the Mach 3, but when they went to 4 and 5 I skipped them. I’ll give this a try since it was free, but I doubt I would ever buy it.

  • Razors are an abomination. All men should have beards. ;-)

  • Shari – I usually go 2 – 3 weeks without shaving, then shave it off and go again. If I could grow a “real” beard, I would probably keep it, because damn do I hate shaving!

  • Roy

    For some reason I thought you were located in Northern California but now I know you’re in Missouri. That explains a lot. ;-)

  • Roy – Excuse me?!? Just what does my being in Missouri explain?:-p If it helps though, I was BORN in California *laugh*

  • Roy

    Haha..I was just trying to confuse you.

    BTW, I went to costco today and since I needed a new razor I got the FUSION. It looks and feels very hi-tech and is wrapped in a lot of plastic casing for purtection. I will let you know if the shave is any better once I use it.

  • And let me know how many layers of skin it takes off! With 5 blades, it must take off a couple layers!

  • Renee

    I love my Fusion…just hate when they come out with these awesome razors for men and wait for months before a version for women. We like our legs to be super smooth.