January 7 2007

I love people

Engadget is reporting that a new version of the XBox 360, codenamed ‘Zephyr’, is starting to appear in some pictures. Two big differences are an HDMI output, for high-def video, and possibly a 120gb hard drive. Rumor is this will sell for the price they are currently charging. Sounds good to me.

Then out come the idiots in the comments.

they better come out with a new hdmi adapter- i’m not buying a new xbox 360 with add on’s that should have already been there. this is BS, and what happens when you rush to market.
I am not happy.

they should run a discount where its only like $100 when you trade in your old xbox 360

Okay that is complete BULL_ _ _ _!!!!!!!! So what about us Bill…you know the 7 million folks who bought the first 360. You know the true fans and supporters of your console…You know the ones you told 1080p was irrelevant…Seeing as we can’t get HDMI into our boxes without it being taken apart do we all get new boxes for free? How about a free 120 gb hard drive? Somehow I doubt it.

I usually don’t mind product redesigns as long as the early adopters aren’t left out in the cold…right now I’m shivering! This is great for those who haven’t purchased a 360 yet but I think this will anger the current user base more than it excites them.

You know what folks? When the next year’s car models come out, do you scream foul? Do you talk about how they screwed you? Technology changes, get over it, grow up.

Here’s my (somewhat rhetorical) question…is this just because it’s a video game, or is this yet another example of how childish our country has become about the most trivial of matters?

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  • Nik

    It’s about America’s sense of entitlement. Not only do people think they live in the best country in the world, but they believe that they should have the best of everything they could possibly ever want. We live in excess. No wonder people hate us.

    I’m with you. If you want it, buy it, and don’t complain about it later. That’s what you get for buying the first model the day it comes out. I’d rather sit back, let them work out the kinks, and wait for the price to drop… but that’s just me.

    It’s not like it’s a pacemaker or something. If it were, I’d be appalled by the company rather than its consumers. Perspective, people. It’s a video game.

  • Nik – As usual, you and I are in agreement. This is the exact sort of reason why I am no longer an “early adopter”. Let other fools blow their money and I’ll reap the benefits of a mass bug testing by the public. The current 360’s have an over-heating problem, guess what, I doubt these will. But, I will wait to hear actual reports first.

    But yep, it’s amazing how worked up people can get over something that is supposedly only to entertain us.