January 8 2007

I hate Mondays

I swear, Monday’s at work are just…a disaster. I know, I know, everyone hates Monday’s, but…just once I would like people to remember UPS doesn’t run on the weekends! Every Monday I can count on a slew of phone calls

Customer “Where’s my box?”

Me “It shipped last week on such and such day, let me track it for you.”

*tracking runs*

Me “It’s in your town and currently on a truck for delivery today.”

Customer “Oh…thanks.”

Now, this is not to mention I also email every customer their tracking numbers…if they pay by Pay Pal, I also enter it in to their payment history…if they order on our Yahoo store, they get emailed it in their confirmation…if they order on my main site, they get emailed it in their confirmation…moral of the story is, they get at least 2 emails with the tracking number in it. I’m all for spam filters, but I’m thinking that some people have them set just a wee bit too high.

My absolute favorite spam catcher is the Earthlink one. Person emails me an ebay question…I answer…his spam catcher emails me and asks me to enter a reason why he should accept my email….*blink*….um….you emailed me a question?

I hate Mondays.

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