January 11 2007

Reason #43,295 To Keep Your CD-ROMs organized

Ever burned off a CD-ROM and then thought “Oh I’m too busy to properly label that right now…I’ll get back to it later!”? Well, there’s a reason you should clearly mark your discs!

Meet Andrew Erickson
. Mr. Erickson is 18 and was attending classes at Bristol Community College where he was taking a computer information systems class. For his final, he was to submit his project on CD-ROM to his instructor, which he did.

Said instructor took the CD-ROMs home to work on grading them and…well…Mr. Erickson’s didn’t exactly have his final project on it, it instead had a collection of pictures of 7 to 14 year olds in sexual situations. The instructor turned it over to Public Safety and they in turn turned to the local police. During this time, Erickson emailed his instructor asking for the CD-ROM full of music his friend had given him back and he would give him his lesson disc. But he swore it was just a disc full of music his friend had given him. Erickson’s house was raided under a warrant, and more material was found in his bedroom.

The lesson here kids? Label your discs! Oh, and child porn is ALWAYS a stupid idea!

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