January 12 2007

Could this be the breakout we’ve needed?

In an amazing announcement, David Beckham, the most recognized athlete in the world, has just signed a 5 year contract with the MLS team, L.A. Galaxy. Beckham is best known for his years with Manchester United, and in 2003 he was sold off to the Spanish team, Real Madrid.

This is huge for the American soccer market…HUGE! When I say he is the most recognized sports star in the world, I’m not kidding. I unfortunately can’t find the study that was done right now, but in world-wide survey done a few years ago, he dwarfed all of the biggest American atheletes. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are nothing compared to the media empire that surrounds Beckham.

The question now is, what will this do to all of the MLS, not just the Galaxy? Will this be the push to finally get soccer to be a more recognized sport in the USA? I’ve said before, to me, Soccer is my favorite pro sport. I can’t stand American football, baseball bores me to tears, the only American sport I can really stand is basketball. Could I finally see my much beloved sport get a little bit of the recognition it enjoys every where else in the world? Man I hope so!

Welcome to the USA David Beckham!

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